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Many web sites focus on ad placement to make their money.
Machines in Motion is focused on Quality CNC machinery
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New ATRUMP Milling Machines

High quality during the manufacturing process ensures minimal service or down time while on your production floor. Every Atrump CNC machine tool is laser calibrated and ball bar tested prior to shipment.ISO 9001

Small CNC milling machine

Our newest CNC Machine set 
With the push for lower cost machinery along with the rise in small sized production work pieces Atrump has developed the "Speed Mill" series of CNC milling machines. 2 versions are available. The single tool - Manual tool change and the 8 tool ATC model. Each mill comes with the Lexan safety enclosure. Easily removed with a screw driver for those needing additional access. Spindle is 8,000 RPM, programmable speed accepting 30 taper solid tool holders. For  Machine specifications click here. or Contact us at  These smaller sized CNC milling machines have rapidly become very popular. The next couple of shipments are already sold out. I have preordered 2 of the ATC models to arrive in mid April 2013. As of right now one is still available on a first come basis.

Look around our site. Atrump builds many different sizes and styles of CNC milling machines. From the small Speed Mill to knee mills, open bed machines, plus both Vertical and Horizontal machining centers .

Machines in Motion Inc. Has focused on selling Atrump CNC machines and Centroid CNC control systems for over 15 years. We provide our customers with both after the sale machine service and CNC operator training. We know that everyone has questions so, don't be shy. Let Machines in Motion help you with your next machine tool purchase. We are just a phone call away. As much as possible we answer our phone ready to provide you with answers right now.
Email works too. Please contact us for literature, quotations or answers to whatever is on your mind.

Doug Laursen, President of Machines in Motion Inc. has been working in the CNC machine tool industry for over 20 years. "After heading the West Coast office of a major CNC machine manufacture, he began his own service company upgrading CNC machinery with the latest PC based CNC controllers from Centroid. Today, Machines in Motion Inc. offers new machinery, tooling, & CNC control upgrades. Our mission is to improve the competitive edge of American machine shop owners with lower cost - higher quality machinery.

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4th axis coordinated positioning is handled inside your main G-code program. No outside programming box is needed.
Of course if you already own a rotary table with a programming box your Centroid control can handle that too.

View 4th axis web page | Download rotary tables .pdf file.

Rotary tables

Rotary tables literature.pdf file is just over 4Mb

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 cnc knee mill | E-series cnc machining center |
lower cost cnc bed mills  | Top of the line vertical machining center