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Your machine can be built with these controls as well.

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New ATRUMP Milling Machines

For many shops the model 3VK will be their first venture into the world of CNC machining. For others the 3VK represents a quality machine tool of just the right size to produce their shops product. Both will benefit tremendously from Centroid's powerful features. ISO 9001

cnc knee mill

Travel  X=31" Y=14.5" Z=4"     Table size 10" X 50"     Available as  2, 3 or 4 axis

Atrump's entry-level CNC machine is stuffed with features that turn a new CNC operator into a part-making machinist. Of course, for the accomplished CNC machinist this easy to use tool just makes his work load that much lighter. Every machine tool that Atrump builds has been laser compensated to provide the best machine accuracy possible. Machines in Motion only quotes complete ready to use machinery. None of this "low ball pricing" served up with that last minute "list of options" which must (in some cases) be purchase to actually make your new machine useful.  Click Here to download our 3VK quotation. We do our best to clearly spell out what is included with your new machine purchase. Page 2 is a list of machine & CNC control options. No surprises here. If your work requires a particular feature you can include it right up front. You can also purchase any of the control software options at a later date, when your business has grown. No service call is required to upgrade your Centroid powered CNC machine. You can find more detailed information about each control option by Clicking Here.

4th axis coordinated positioning is handled inside your main G-code program. No outside programming box is needed.
Of course if you already own a rotary table with a programming box your Centroid control can handle that too.

View 4th axis web page | Download rotary tables .pdf file.

Rotary tables

Rotary tables literature.pdf file is just over 4Mb

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 cnc knee mill | E-series cnc machining center |
lower cost cnc bed mills  | Top of the line vertical machining center