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About Agma

With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Agma began their CNC machine building to compete directly with top Japanese manufactures. Unlike other Taiwanese machine fabricators Agma chooses to produce higher quality over higher volume. The US market place is highly competitive requiring a full time team to spread the word about their great line of machinery. While better known in South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe Agma is beginning to make its mark in the U.S.A.  Even though Agma has been building and delivering their high quality CNC machining centers for 20+ years they have the status of a start up here in the U.S.

Agma was started by a group of engineers from Japan. Their original business goal was to build the same high quality machining centers, at a significantly lower price point. Today they have achieved this goal and continue to build their CNC machining centers with this philosophy in mind.

Machining center line up.
Agma produces CNC machining centers from 20”X40” Up to a huge 323” X 102” double column machine. These large format, double column machining centers are typically setup, on-site, by several company technicians.  Everyone involved is working towards a great experience for the customer. The largest “C” frame mill manufactured by Agma is 85” X 40” with a 50 taper spindle and spindle gearbox.

Proven box way construction
Every Agma Machine is engineered with extra ridged Meehanite castings. Each sliding way surface is bonded with low friction Turcite-B then hand scraped to properly mate with the wide, machine ground mating surface. This results in an extremely solid, low friction sliding surface with MUCH more supported surface area than found in similarly sized machinery. Just compare the weight of an Agma mill over a similar sized machine from the competition. Linear ways used on lesser machine tools can’t compare. I'm sure you have heard machinery that will squeal loudly while cutting. I can honestly say I have never heard that coming from an Agma machine. Long life & precision is the result of great engineering and plenty of Iron.

Double nut ball screws
All Agma mills are built with large diameter, double nut, precision GROUND (class C-5 and better) ball screws. One ballnut is loaded in one direction while the other nut is loaded in the opposite direction. These 2 nuts are assembled and pre loaded against each other for that zero backlash motion required for consistent precision and accurate positioning.  CNC motion must be glassy smooth to obtain a great part finish. Ground and hardened ball screws provide this level of quality for many years to come.

Autolube system
Fully programmable autolube systems are an integral part of every Agma CNC machining center. Maintaining the proper amount of lubrication at each point of your machine is imperative to long life and continued high accuracy. Agma builds every machining center with a single metering valve to each lube point. Along with controlling the amount of lube presented to each lube point these also act as lube filters keeping out any harmful contaminates.

Married to each Agma machining center is the Fanuc 0iMF CNC controller. Fanuc options that have been included as standard for the U.S. market include the Fanuc AICC II High Speed Option, Fanuc 2G Data Server, and 4th Axis Preparation.  A serious controller for a serious machine tool.

As if building a great machine tool wasn't enough Agma machining centers are a beautiful sight in any shop. As the saying goes, "Some shop floors are kept clean enough to eat off of". If you're that guy, this machine can only enhance your machine shop's appeal. Great care is demonstrated in every aspect of the Agma experience.

Agma Machining centers are built right, extensively tested and designed for a long life of continued precision machining. Built with the highest quality components Agma is a machining center you can count on well into the next decade.

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Many other sizes are available including large format double column cnc milling machines.

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