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Atrump has been selling quality CNC milling machines in the USA for over 20 years. They own their US import warehouse located in Pomona CA. With a staff of hard working employees Atrump completes the CNC control installation here in the US then inspects each machine performing both laser calibration and ball bar testing just prior to shipment.  Next there is an extensive check list to be confirmed before your machine is fully secured and wrapped for shipping.  This double checking here in the states means you receive a properly working machine every time. I frequently show up to inspect Machines in Motion deliveries prior to packaging for shipment.

Atrump CNC milling machines are built to work hard day after day. Consistent precision, low maintenance, and simple to use are the goals for every Atrump mill.

Proven box way construction
Nearly every Atrump is engineered with solid Meehanite castings. Each sliding way surface is bonded with low friction Turcite-B then hand scraped to properly mate with the machine ground surface. This results in a very solid sliding surface with MUCH more supported surface area than linear ways used on lesser machine tools. Long life is the result of great engineering.

Double nut ball screws
All Atrump mills are built with double nut, precision GROUND (class C-5) ball screws. One ballnut is loaded in one direction while the other nut is loaded  in the opposite direction. These 2 nuts are assembled and pre loaded against each other for that zero backlash motion required for consistent precision and positioning.  CNC motion must be smooth to obtain a good part finish. Ground and hardened ball screws provide this for many years to come.

autolube system
Fully programmable autolube systems are an integral part of every Atrump CNC mill. Keeping the proper amount of lubrication on the critical areas of your machine is imperative to long life and high accuracy. Atrump builds every model with a single metering valve for each lube point. Metering valves cost about 10 times more than needle valves. Metering valves ensure that each lube point received its required amount of oil. Needle valves will send more lube to the point of least resistance allowing other points to starve.

Atrump Milling machines are built right and designed for a long and productive life. They have included better quality components where it’s important. Including the Centroid CNC controller adds a level of simplicity missing from much of the competition. Built in conversational programming provides a simple way for new or experienced CNC users to write their own programs. Knowledge of G-code is not necessary. For those familiar with CadCam The Centroid CNC control will accept standard Fanuc G-code generated from any of the name brand CadCam programs. File sizes up to 4Mb in size run start to finish without needing to split the file. An unlimited G-code file size optional.  You can also type in your own G-code programs right oat the control. Files can be transferred via USB thumb drive or high speed Ethernet connection. Machine files and G-code programs back up with 1 button simplicity.  And much much more.

Atrump and Centroid are a great match up. Free “get acquainted” lessons are available at the Atrump US import warehouse located in Pomona, CA . Phone us to schedule your personalized session Toll Free (887) 733-5500

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I am Doug Laursen, President of Machines in Motion, Inc.  I like to run my business from a customer's point of view. I have chosen 3 major points in considering the the machinery I will present here. Price - Quality - and Ease of use. The Atrump line of CNC milling machines fit this profile very well. Read more . . .Machines in Motion CNC machinery


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Many other sizes are available including large format double column cnc milling machines.

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